planetmonk® presents

seasons of love

Imagine if Little Rock, Arkansas had a Performing Arts High School called, oh, let’s say The Nellie Forbush High School of the Performing Arts (Go Nellies!). And let’s say that after 40 or so years they tore the school down to build a Walmart®. Now, imagine if you will alumni of the Nellie Forbush High School of the Performing Arts Varsity Show Choir, ChoralHygiene, getting together for a Reunion Tour to raise money for a plaque to mark the site of their former Choir Room (now the garbage bin area next to the loading dock).

The tour highlights many favorite songs from their NFHS days, including:

• “Bad” by Michael Jackson
• “Love Shack” by The B-52s
• “What I Did for Love” from the musical A Chorus Line
• “The Reflex” by Duran Duran
• “Last Dance” from the movie Thank God It’s Friday

Before Glee … before Fame … before Walmart … there was …

choralhygiene music so clean you can taste it!